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The "Industrie-Genève" campaign reveals a dynamic industry shaping tomorrow's world

Launched in 2017, "Industrie-Genève" is a communications campaign designed to introduce young people and the general public to a dynamic industry that is shaping the world of tomorrow. Its aim is also to promote training courses, centres of excellence and the many future opportunities offered by industry.

At the heart of the campaign, the industrie-geneve.ch website serves as an information platform about industry and as a showcase for innovation in Geneva. Exclusive in-company events are also organized on a regular basis to bridge the gap between the digital world and the reality on the ground.

The "Industrie-Genève" campaign is the result of fruitful cooperation between all players in the sector: the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG), the Union Industrielle Genevoise (UIG), the Office de promotion des Industries et des Technologies (OPI), the Fondation pour les Terrains Industriels (FTI), the Direction générale du développement économique, de la recherche et de l'innovation (DG DERI - State of Geneva), HEPIA, SIG, UNIGE, Alp ICT and the PULSE incubator.

A magazine dedicated to innovation in Geneva's industry

In 2019, Industrie-Genève is initiating a series of programs on Léman Bleu that spotlight Geneva's industry, a flagship sector of the canton's economic dynamism. Entitled "#Le Monde de demain" and hosted by Delphine Seitiée, General Secretary of Alp ICT, the program takes the public to the heart of industrial and technological companies, to discover the know-how, diversity of professions and talents of companies at the cutting edge of the sector and leaders in their field.

Hot topics such as the Internet of Things, robotization, drones, blockchain and cybersecurity will be covered. The idea is for each program to reveal a hard-hitting, topical subject, touching the lives of the general public. Innovations and projects often unknown to the public will be unveiled in a way that is educational and accessible to everyone.

Alp ICT's contribution

  • Hosting the "#Le Monde de demain" program
  • Participate in programming sessions, suggest topics and speakers
  • Promotion of programs on our networks

Contact person

Sébastien Bourqui

Head of the Industrie-Genève association

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