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Digital Arc Hub

Platform for the digital transformation of organizations in the Jura Arc region

Launched as part of the Arc jurassien intercantonal NPR program 2016-2019, Digital Arc Hub is the platform serving the digital transformation of organizations throughout the Arc jurassien territory, offering three "core services":

  • Information: Companies have access to general information on best practices and digital transformation (what, how, why).
  • Digital maturity diagnostic: This tool measures the digital maturity of companies in the Jura Arc region.
  • Observatory: The results provided by the tool will give politicians a real-time visualization of the digital maturity of the entire territory.

This platform is aimed at three main players: businesses (any organization operating in the Jura Arc region, especially SMEs), politicians (decision-makers and political players such as chambers of commerce, politicians and organizations working to develop the Jura Arc), and research organizations (research institutes, especially institutes within universities of applied sciences and universities).

The Digital Arc Hub aims to position itself as a neutral point of reference for the digital transformation of companies in the Jura Arc region, in line with the vision of federal policy, applied by the cantons, which aims to improve regional competitiveness and strengthen industrial systems at intercantonal level. The hub's objective is to respond to the three main dimensions of digital transformation: the internal dimension, the customer dimension and the strategic dimension relating to the business model.

Digital maturity self-diagnostic tool

Digital Arc Hub has developed an online digital maturity self-diagnosis tool, open to all. In just 20 minutes, you'll be able to make a complete and accurate assessment of your company's digital situation, and obtain a personalized textual and graphical summary.

The digital maturity assessment provides a clear and comprehensive picture of the company's digital situation, identifies gaps and priority areas, and serves as a guide throughout the transformation process. It allows us to analyze the digital levers for activating transformation at different levels, such as strategy, management, corporate culture, innovation management, customer relations, production and process automation.

This tool was developed by the Haute Ecole de Gestion Arc in collaboration with HE-Arc Ingénierie, HE-Arc Santé and HEIG-VD. In order to ensure the best possible targeting of companies' needs, it takes the form of a public/private partnership: CNCI, CCIJ, i-moutier, UDITIS SA, DBI services, CEP, Microcity, Micronarc, ADNV, Y-Parc, and Alp ICT. The project received funding from the Swiss Confederation and the cantons of Bern, Jura, Neuchâtel and Vaud.

Involvement of Alp ICT

  • Participation in tool development sessions
  • Promotion, communication and enhancement of activities

Contact person

Maria Sokhn

Professor at the HEG-Arc & Dean of the Institute of...

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