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Digital Dreams Festival

The festival of your dreams

Multidisciplinary and forward-looking, the Digital Dreams Festival officially launches in September 2024 on the UNIL campus.

Dedicated to digital creativity in all its forms, this new festival offers a wide-ranging program for everyone, with concerts, artistic performances, video mapping, video games, conferences, workshops, a silent disco and a techno night!

Digital creativity? A dream? Madness? The digital world hardly seems to rhyme with these terms, except in the mouths of Silicon Valley technoprophets who, as we know, imagine a hyperconnected society only because it effectively serves the commercial interests of major international corporations.

However, as long as we consider digital technology as what it is - a language - there's nothing to stop creators, artists, researchers and citizens from using the resources of this language, not to capture our data for consumerist purposes, but to design devices that will make our lives easier.

  • The DNA of the Digital Dreams Festival? A new event created around community, celebration, beauty and education.
  • The Digital Dreams Festival audience? Children, schoolchildren, teenagers, families, young and not-so-young adults, the curious and the passionate: YOU, that is.
  • What's on offer at the Digital Dreams Festival? Concerts, artistic performances, monumental videomapping, video games, virtual reality experiences, mediation workshops, offbeat conferences and citizen forums.
  • The mission of the Digital Dreams Festival? To enable festival-goers to discover and reflect, through art and play, on the richness and challenges of the digital world.


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