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ImpactIA Foundation


Artificial intelligence for sustainable humanity

Purpose of the ImpactIA Foundation

The societal upheavals that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading us to foresee and make possible will profoundly change our world, and especially the world of work.

Organizations and individuals must be able to rely on artificial intelligence to build a fair and efficient society.

To achieve AI of this kind, frameworks, research, projects, training and, in particular, systems thinking will be essential.

These actions need to be carried out at a global level, led by a structure capable of defending the interests of both individuals and companies, with a strong sense of positive societal impact.

The ImpactIA Foundation is taking action in this direction, focusing on work, job displacement, the impact on people and the frameworks needed for societal equilibrium.


Accelerate the adoption of ethical, robust and legal artificial intelligences based on 3 pillars:

  • Mutation Travail & Compétences
  • Sustainable Business Transformation
  • Societal Research & Development

Services & projects

  • Launch your AI project: The aiXlrt program to support your first artificial intelligence projects
  • annuAIre CH: Find companies to support your AI projects, training courses and products.
  • Cahiers IA : Get informed, get inspired and get started. Practical tools to help you with your AI projects, and to support us.
  • Leverage your Data: Use your data to develop your AI with our robotME platform, based in Switzerland.
  • Transform your skills: Work with artificial intelligence to build your future
  • Train for tomorrow: Tech or non-tech, training to work with AI.
  • Work differently : AI that learns from you, works for you and pays you? Meet robotME.
  • Task distribution platform: Work from anywhere with ethical conditions and time management?
  • Supporting equity: For the first time in human history, a technology is enabling us to completely change the way values are distributed.
  • Think Act: 21 multidisciplinary experts for ethical, robust and legal AI.
  • DAI, an AI-powered dancing robot: what if creativity were no longer the prerogative of humans? What if consciousness developed in machines?
  • The impact of AI on Work : Through work, we believe we can totally change the society we live in.
  • Writing white papers: e.g. Women in AI
  • Event organization: e.g. AIIA Festival

Contact person

Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti

Co-founder & CEO of the ImpactIA Foundation

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