Alp ICT transforms ideas into action through one-off and longer-term collaborations with players in the digital sector and the Swiss economy, in addition to direct interactions with innovation support structures in Western Switzerland.

Artificial Intelligence for everyone

AI Swiss is committed to integrating artificial intelligence into the Swiss economy with a positive impact on society. By offering resources, training and advice, the association helps companies embrace AI, focusing on key areas such as healthcare, education and the environment to strengthen Swiss competitiveness.

Business digitization

Digital Arc Hub is a key platform for the digital transformation of organizations in the Jura Arc. It offers essential tools such as a digital maturity assessment, a digital maturity observatory for companies in the region, and resources dedicated to digital transformation.

Digital creativity in all its forms

The multidisciplinary and forward-looking Digital Dreams Festival will be officially launched on the UNIL campus in September 2024. Dedicated to digital creativity in all its forms, this new festival offers a wide-ranging program for all ages, with concerts, artistic performances, videomapping, video games, conferences, workshops, a silent disco and a techno night!

Responsible & inclusive digital

"Genre numérique" is a joint initiative led by UNIL's Equality Office and its partners, aimed at effectively integrating gender equality into the digital sector. The program, supported by Swissuniversities, focuses on analyzing the interactions between gender bias and digital transformation, proposing innovations to use digital as a lever for equality.

Decoding artificial intelligence

The AI Impact Foundation embodies a vision of the future where work evolves towards greater sustainability and equity, guided by artificial intelligence aligned with humanistic principles. It works for the development of organizations based on hybrid intelligences - individual, collective and artificial - optimized for collective well-being. With its three fundamental pillars - the individual, the company and civil society - the foundation fosters an ecosystem where every action supports the common good.

Carrefour économique romand

FOROM - Forum Économique Romand, is the must-attend event for entrepreneurs and managers in French-speaking Switzerland. Each year, this flagship event brings together around 500 business leaders at the SwissTech Convention Center for conferences on topical issues and top-notch networking opportunities. Alongside the main forum, FOROM ON TOUR organizes a dozen regional meetings, reinforcing its central role in strengthening regional economic ties.

Exchange & training platform for SMEs

The Digital Economy Forum is an exchange and training platform for SMEs, designed to help them meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital transition, with a view to developing forward-looking business activities and enhancing the attractiveness of the region.

Swiss news and investigative media

Founded in 2019 in Geneva, is an independent, advertising-free Swiss news and investigative medium. In 2021, Alp ICT approached the team to launch an Exploration on Green IT in Western Switzerland, with the support of CleantechAlps and OPI. Around ten episodes have been published, accessible free of charge on the website.

Digital & sustainable transition for SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland

Cycles of exchange and inspiring encounters by and for the SMEs of today and tomorrow

Innovation in Geneva's industry

Industrie-Genève is a platform that promotes innovation, sustainability and training in industry in Geneva. Since 2019, the Industrie-Genève association has been highlighting this industrial dynamic through the monthly program #Le Monde de demain, broadcast on Léman Bleu.

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