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AI Swiss

Non-profit association dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of AI and its transformative potential.

The AI Swiss association aims to support the development of artificial intelligence technologies in French-speaking Switzerland by facilitating their integration into all sectors. It works to promote the wider use of AI in the economy and the public sector, with the aim of stimulating growth and productivity to strengthen Switzerland's position on the international stage.

A goal promoted by the ethical use of technology. In addition to creating an innovative economy, the association's vision is one in which AI is not just a tool for boosting competitiveness, but also a lever for tackling societal challenges and aiming for social and environmental well-being.


Becoming a member will enable SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland to benefit from the network and resources, training and advice, made available by the association to encourage practical adoption of the technology. AI Swiss also aims to facilitate exchanges and collaboration, in particular public-private partnerships in favor of an integrated AI ecosystem. As part of this, the association is developing a monthly signature event, Brain2Brain, which combines expert presentations and interactive discussions to enhance AI knowledge.

Contact person

Stéphane Fallet

President of AI Swiss

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