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Manufacture Thinking

Shared learning and collective intelligence to help companies in French-speaking Switzerland make the digital transition

Launched in 2014, Manufacture Thinking is a think tank for the future of industry. The activity takes the form of a think tank open to companies, with the development of strategic proposals, development platforms for information exchange (physical and virtual meetings) and forward-looking experiences to enrich regional strategic know-how. The themes addressed are dictated by societal and technological developments.

This project aims to be innovative in form and content:

  • In terms of content, by exploring new concepts linked to the 4th industrial revolution. To achieve this, numerous experts lead monthly workshops, and a fact-finding mission is organized every year to discover major technological and conceptual advances.
  • In the form of a self-learning organization based on collective intelligence, which materializes each year in the publication of a quality book.

Last but not least, Manufacture Thinking presents the annual "Industrial Shapers" prize, which rewards around ten leading figures from industry in French-speaking Switzerland for their outstanding achievements in Industry 4.0.

Mission and objectives

  • To support the transformation of regional industries towards Industry 4.0 through reflection and proposals for action.
  • Inventing industrial thinking in the form of a reflective ecosystem
  • Refine recommendations to meet specific and new industrial needs
  • Creating a deep understanding of the forces of change in Switzerland, while at the same time proposing its own regional paths.

Involvement of Alp ICT

  • Think Tank member: participation in all activities, workshops and explorations
  • Jury member for the Industrial Shapers Prize, company recommendations
  • Contribution to the annual collective work

Contact person

Xavier Comtesse


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