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Swiss Institut for Sustainable IT

For a more regenerative, inclusive and ethical digital world

ISIT-CH is a non-profit think tank founded in 2020 in partnership with France'sINR (Institut du Numérique Responsable) and Belgium'sISIT (Swiss Institute for Sustainable IT). It provides a forum for reflection on the three key issues of digital responsibility:

  • reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology and its other negative social and economic impacts;
  • digital technology's ability to reduce humanity's environmental footprint and solve numerous social and economic problems;
  • creating sustainable value and responsible innovation through digital technology.

ISIT-CH aims to become a key player, bringing together companies and organizations to experiment with and promote best practices for a more regenerative, inclusive and ethical digital world.

Membership, charter & label

Becoming a member of INR-CH is very simple: just fill in the dedicated form on their website. If you wish to sign the NR charter, simply complete this form. For more information on the NR label, go to this page.

Working with Alp ICT

  • Access to tools, network and partners
  • Research participation
  • Co-organization of events
  • Mutual promotion

Contact person

Florian Revaz

President of ISIT-CH

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