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Cross-border IOP project

Project for SMEs in the digital and social economy

In the Franco-Swiss cross-border area, the IOP project aims to stimulate open innovation by involving SMEs in a process of reflection on possible futures. Both the digital economy and the social economy are booming business sectors. SMEs in these two types of economy innovate in different ways. It is therefore in their interests to work together to offer new products, services, processes, organizational models and social innovations.

Funded as part of the Interreg - France-Switzerland 2014-2020 program, the project brought together some twenty players from the academic and professional worlds in three territories - Haute-Savoie, the canton of Vaud and the canton of Geneva - from October 2018 to March 2021.


Every organization, whether a company, association, administration or start-up, makes decisions that affect its own future and that of others. Foresight is a rigorous process in which organizations explore possible futures (5, 10, 15 or more years ahead), to inform decision-making today. This enables them to generate new strategic opportunities, better prepare themselves in the face of uncertainty, and test the relevance of the choices they plan to make. The IOP project organizes foresight workshops to support any company wishing to adopt this approach.

The objectives

  • To create a collaborative digital foresight platform to encourage the sustainable development of open innovation projects on a Franco-Swiss scale, and to help local companies envision their future development prospects. The platform functions as a network, with each company contributing its own open innovation experience, discoveries, successes and difficulties.
  • Strengthen mutual understanding between key players in the social and solidarity economy and the digital economy, in order to identify opportunities for collaboration and promote the transfer of know-how between these sectors, using new tools to develop innovative products and services, and thus boost their competitiveness.

Join IOP!: a gas pedal of opportunities for collaboration, anticipation and innovation

The platform is now ready: IOP! is an entrepreneurial space for SMEs (private and public companies, associations, etc.) and their partners.

Do you need to collaborate to innovate your products, services, processes, governance, etc.? Do you feel the need to better identify tomorrow's challenges and future development prospects? Would you like to contribute to the development of SMEs and their capacity for innovation and anticipation?

Would you like to join a network of players driven by a spirit of sharing, mutual aid and collaboration in the Franco-Swiss cross-border area?

Explore IOP! and register (it's free!)

Involvement of Alp ICT

  • Participation in the Project Steering Committee
  • Discussions with all partners and advice on strategic project orientations
  • Responses to various requests to facilitate project management: identification and establishment of qualified contacts (companies, institutes, journalists, etc.).
  • Support for project communication on sector platform networks

Contact person

Dr. Catherine Equey

Associate Professor HES at the Haute École de Gesti...

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