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Swiss Digital Center

The Swiss Digital Center is a center for research and innovation in the field of digital transformation. Located in Sierre, but also in numerous companies and research institutes in the Valais, it provides economic players with services linked to training, research and innovation. Thanks to the Swiss Digital Center and its partners, the Valais welcomes, supports and helps develop your projects.

Every January, the Swiss Digital Center organizes the Swiss Digital Conference, an event dedicated to digital and highlighting concrete examples of Industry 4.0 applications.

Mission of the Swiss Digital Center

The mission of the Swiss Digital Center and its partners is to position the Valais as a recognized center of competence in digitalization.

The Swiss Digital Center also aims to promote - locally, nationally and, ultimately, internationally - digital skills and their contribution to the Valais economy. Last but not least, it aims to promote the work of its partners and all Valais-based players active in the field of digital transformation.

Swiss Digital Center partners

The Swiss Digital Center is supported and developed by five partners with the ambition of advancing the digitalization of the Valais economy: HES-SO Valais/Wallis, The Ark Foundation, Canton du Valais, Techno-pôle SA and the City of Sierre.

Collaborations with Alp ICT

  • Co-organization of events
  • Mutual promotion
  • Joint reflection on the future of digital

Contact person

Laurent Salamin

Director, Swiss Digital Center

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