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Tech & female talent in SMEs: a sector that's opening up!

September 19, 2024 - september 19, 2024
BCF Safe Gallery - Fribourg
The people of Fribourg are joining forces with the MINT agency and the organizations strukturelle and genre numérique, partners of the event, to increase the presence of women in technical professions by promoting encounters and collaboration, experience sharing, inspiring HR solutions and innovative training programs.

For women in IT, there's never been a better time!

Create vocations, attract talent, retain skills... join an open, inclusive and innovative meeting place to explore the opportunities and resources available to promote diversity in the IT professions. 


17H30 Introduction & overview of speakers! by François Briguet

17H35 Starting point and what doesn't work! Sharing the experience of a Fribourg IT company & Pitch on the needs of Fribourg tech companies

17H40 Inspiring solutions and the 2030 horizon! by Maya Dougoud (HEG & strukturelle)

5:50pm Girls in tech and academia! by Mélanie Thomas (SATW)

18H00 Round table: Opening the structural loop!

6:30 pm Meeting and intergenerational exchange with Laurence Bielmann Dubied, 1st woman engineer trained in computer science in Fribourg (1991)

18H45 Aperitif!

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