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June 6, 2024 - June 6, 2024
Microcity - Neuchâtel
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The IA360° afterwork, to be held on Thursday June 6 from 4:30 pm, will enable you to discover, with the help of various speakers and case studies, how to harness artificial intelligence to decipher the market, enhance the customer/employee experience and optimize financial and industrial performance.

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The position of the Swiss market and prospects for SMEs, digital maturity, innovation and hybrid intelligence are just some of the topics that will be explored by the various experts taking turns at this event dedicated to artificial intelligence.



16:30 - 16:45: Digit8-AI Swiss, Stéphane Fallet

Stéphane Fallet will present Switzerland's position in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), detailing the framework conditions governing AI in the country. He will also discuss the types of AI offerings available to SMEs in a local context.

16h50 - 17h10: Digital maturity assessment with DIMM.UP

Michaël Tartar will highlight the importance of assessing companies' digital maturity, an essential pillar in leveraging AI. He will explain how this assessment can impact companies' financial performance, drawing on over thirty years' experience in digital transformation.

17:15 - 17:30: Innovation in market segmentation by Antropomedia

Antropomedia founders Alejandro Servin and Luis Gonzalez will present advances in market segmentation using digital anthropology. Benjamin Perregaux will illustrate this approach with a case study from his research for the Office des Vins Vaudois (OVV). Alejandro Servin will present an AI solution applied to their own database: Antropomedia Express (Ask the Tribe), presenting one of the strategic tribes identified in the wine ecosystem and possible interactions with AI.

5.35pm - 5.50pm: AI as a complementary tool by Experientiel

Stéphane Fellay will explore the use of AI as a complementary tool to human intelligence. He will explain how AI can free up time for creative activities and enhance the consumer experience, and illustrate his point with a study conducted for the Office des vins vaudois. He will share concrete examples of the balance between the use of AI and human intervention, and look to the future of AI-human collaboration to optimize the customer experience.

5.55pm - 6.10pm: Focus on generative AI with Lumind

Valentin Maruccia and Pedro Costa from Lumind will address the demystification of generative AI and explain how AI can be integrated into businesses to optimize administrative workflows and automate processes. They will highlight a concrete project with a high return on investment at a customer, demonstrating the impact and benefits of AI in the business environment.

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