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Digital Dreams Festival 2024

september 6, 2024 - september 9, 2024
UNIL - Lausanne

The 1st edition of the Digital Dreams Festival will be held from September 6 to 8 on the campus of the University of Lausanne.

With a varied program including concerts, a techno evening, a silent disco, artistic performances, workshops for youngandold alike, as well as areas dedicated to video games and even a day of conferences and workshops dedicated to SMEs... the Digital Dreams Festival is sure to inspire entrepreneurs of all kinds in their quest for digital innovation .
🎁 some entries are available to the Alp ICT community, contact us to take advantage!

Entrepreneurship, digital innovation & creative leadership

Specially designed for start-ups and SMEs, the 1st day of the Digital Dreams Festival, entitled "DigiVisions", will focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.

It will be punctuated by a host of conferences, masterclasses and practical workshops focusing on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

In addition to networking spaces and a Meetmatching event with young entrepreneursfrom UNIL, SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland will find useful and creative resources for their digital transformation in this rich program, accompanied by expert speakers on digital technologies.

Among the topics covered, you will find..:

  • cybersecurity between fake news and business
  • new trends in digital marketing
  • responsible and socially responsible models that are also good for business
  • emotions and gamification at the service of the company
  • cash management in the age of open-banking and cryptocurrencies
  • AI at the service of transport

Digital Art & Culture: a gateway to innovation for SMEs

The Digital Dreams Festival is a protean, supercharged space that aims to establish itself as the digital interface for living together. A place where we can experiment with digital technologies, reflect together on their impact, but above all, experience and share emotions. That's the idea, the objective, asserted and perfectly shared by its initiator, Marc Atallah, during his #TechTalk meeting with Alp ICT.

A digital "Ali Baba's cave", as the organizer and his team see it, to enable all audiences and all players in the economic fabric of French-speaking Switzerland to invent new business models by imagining other digital futures.

Detailed program & online registration

🎁 some entries are available to the Alp ICT community, contact us to take advantage!

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