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#TechDemo Alp ICT x Cyberesia

May 29, 2024 - May 29, 2024
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An ecosystem of specialized, private and sustainable AI tools, designed in Switzerland.

From marketing and support to customer relations and business engineering, AI is set to revolutionize methods and, even more importantly, results, in whole areas of service provision. Through automation aspects in particular, these first uses will open the way for many players, not necessarily the biggest, to immediate competitive advantages, but above all, put them in the best position to apprehend and evolve the technology according to their needs and objectives.

Adopting artificial intelligence today means mastering its fundamentals, so you can anticipate tomorrow's uses and opportunities:

  • 73% of sales professionals agree that AI can help them extract insights from data they couldn't otherwise find
  • 64% of consumers are open to buying a new product recommended by generative AI
  • 46% of customer service specialists say chatbots offer a more personalized experience
  • The use of an AI-based conversational assistant by over 5,000 customer care agents increases the number of problems solved per hour by 14%.

Source: https://www.hubspot.fr/statistiques-intelligence-artificielle

Cyberesia offers you an ecosystem of AI-based tools to harness the full potential offered by this technology. From the power of automation applied to the most laborious tasks or even delegated to a chatbot, to the predictive power of AI applied to your data and strategic insights through tailor-made AI models, the suite of applications offered by Cyberesia will adapt to your needs, your objectives and your existing digital ecosystem.

With a "no code/low code" approach, Cyberesia offers easy deployment tailored to the different maturity levels of Swiss SMEs, without having to write a single line of code or manage the complexity of choosing and interfacing language models. You can easily build one or more AI models, customize them to your specific needs and deploy them in all your work processes, regardless of your digital or IT skills.

The data we use is secure, and is neither stored nor shared to drive AI models that do not belong to you. Everything is done to preserve the confidentiality of your or your customers' data, and to comply with the latest data protection regulations.

CyberBots, CyberTwist & CyberBox: 3 applications & 3 steps to "boost" your business with AI

With CyberBots, effortlessly create personalized, specialized AI chatbots, integrated with your website and data sources in minutes. Connect them with one click to your website to increase conversion and improve customer support, to your platform to reduce attrition rates, and to your intranet to increase productivity.

Take CyberTwist to the next level and create your own ChatGPT AI platform. Provide your teams with a multilingual generative AI interface capable of processing text, sound and images. Then feed it with your data and surround yourself with a team of AI agents specialized in your different business lines or ready to support you in the research and development of new competitive advantages.

With CyberBox at last, discover a robust and secure AI system that runs locally and enables companies to leverage their data, protect sensitive information and seamlessly integrate customized AI into their existing tools, products and workflows.

So if you've ever asked yourself∙e of these questions, among others:

  • How to create your own AI chatbots in 3 clicks?
  • How can I put AI to more practical use throughout my organization with agents tailored to my business?
  • How can you thoroughly leverage your data and seamlessly integrate AI into your existing tools and workflows?
  • How can you configure your own model 10 to 100 times cheaper than current tariffs and avoid massive energy costs thanks to cutting-edge technologies?

Or if you'd simply like to learn more about the ecosystem and AI solutions in French-speaking Switzerland, meet Kilian Thomas, Co-founder of Cyberesia, on the Alp ICT Youtube channel or on our linkedin account on May 29 at 11:30 a.m. via live streaming.


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