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IA: HR & Management MasterClass

September 27, 2024 - September 27, 2024
HEG Arc - Neuchâtel

Through integrative "business cases", this MasterClass will invite you to develop a different way of thinking and operating; an effective methodology whose implementation can be adjusted to the size and reality of each company.

ChatGPT: what's in it for HR & management? 

Considered a true "Game Changer" in a wide variety of fields, the arrival of ChatGPT in the corporate world has aroused enthusiasm, heated debate and fears for the future of certain professions. 

With today's changing work environments and relationships (remote management, customized training, professional nomadism, etc.), can ChatGPT help managers develop their own levers of mobilization, motivation, commitment and performance at work?

During this seminar, Matthieu Corthésy, ChatGPT trainer, will draw on his wealth of experience to share the various use cases for the ChatGPT tool, and will detail, among other things:

  • the wider ecosystem of available AI tools
  • the role ChatGPT can play in the decision-making process
  • best practices for mastering the "art of the prompt 
  • strategic guidelines for integrating ChatGPT into management practices, taking into account ethical implications, change management and data confidentiality.

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