Our Expert Committee

The Alp ICT team is supported by a committee of experts, consisting of a chairman and a representative for each canton, who meet several times a year. Entrepreneurs, industrialists, academics, these passionate people share their field experience to align Alp ICT's actions with the needs of the ecosystem.

Prof. Jean-Philippe Trabichet

Chairman of the Expert Committee - Professor at HEG-Genève, Head of the Management IT Department and President of Caritas Genève (GE)

"We have to get used to living in a world where technological determinism produces new uses that are sometimes unimagined or unwanted. I've always worked to support and train digital users and, of course, also those who suffer the effects of a new technology, with the credo that technology must remain at the service of human beings and not the other way round."

François Briguet

Member of the Executive Board BCF & Chairman IT Valley (FR)

"Human values are, and always will be, at the heart of our relationships with others. ICT technologies must remain at the service of people, enriching our relationships rather than impoverishing them. Alp ICT is a platform for exchanging ideas, learning about technologies and making them our own. In this way, we will remain in a world that is increasingly connected, but with a human touch."

Hervé Sanglard

Associate Director Uditis (NE)

"Digitalization is accelerating. Ethical questions must be asked about opportunities and limits to preserve humanity and safeguard the planet."

Jérôme Salamin

Innovation & Digital Transformation Cimark (VS)

"Globally recognized technology, locally cultivated digital skills and know-how for a chosen, sustainable and controlled digitization of our companies and our economy."

Patrick Segu

Chairman BrainHolding (VD)

"Turn off your email, turn off your phone and find a way to set boundaries so you can focus when you need to. Technology is a good servant but a bad master."

Samuel Mellot

Economic Development Officer responsible for the digital economy and creative industries (GE)

"Digitalization offers tools to transform and evolve businesses, making them more agile, innovative and competitive in the global marketplace. With this in mind, we must commit to promoting ecosystems where technology serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship, to create sustainable value and drive economic growth, while ensuring that people remain at the heart of our innovations."

Yannick Guerdat

CEO Artionet (JU)

"Knowing how to rethink, how to try, how to fail sometimes, only to get back up again. Digital technology will increasingly interconnect data. It's up to us to be prepared to expose this data to produce forward-looking products."

Margaret Collaud

Director of Program and Administration ARI-SO

"Dynamic and proactive, Alp ICT addresses central and cross-functional challenges. It raises the profile of Western Switzerland, fostering interaction and competitiveness between the companies that make up its ecosystem."

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